hdmi for tv installation

HDMI and Your TV Installation

Chances are if you are interested in hanging a TV on the wall the method of video signal transmission will be HDMI. There are specific applications relating to the distance and the video formats utilized. An installation that is a distance of thirty five feet from a surround sound receiver to a TV and needs to be capable of viewing 3D movies for example, will require a different cable or equipment (HDMI Baluns for example) than perhaps the same scenario at a distance of nine feet.

HDMI - High Definition Media Interface

Read all the marketing hype out there regarding the connectivity of today's electronics and you have to look really close before you find the small print outlining the limitations. So why is this a problem? Well, here's the answer..... It is becoming commonplace to install a new TV on the wall. Often times the electronics (receiver, Blu-Ray DVD Player, PC or Mac Computer, and so on) are in a closet, or located on the other side of the room. My experience? Given the countless brands and models combined with the countless cable manufacturers of different qualities, any distance over 12 feet utilizing HDMI connectivity is questionable. You won't know until you pick a method and try it out. The results range anywhere from slow switches between devices to not working at all.

What about Projectors? Surely the manufacturers know that most projectors are going to be installed remotely, yet look on the box, you'll need to look really close to find anything stating distance limitations utilizing HDMI connectivity. Even within 6' to 12' feet distances I've experienced slow and unreliable switching between devices. HDMI technology, in my opinion, at any distance, still has a long way to go before it's a solid and reliable method of digital audio/video transmission between electronics. We have been installing systems with HDMI for awhile now and it's taken considerable resources, and trial and error, to find reliable solutions.

There are hundreds of products out there (HDMI Cat 5 Balun, HDMI Repeaters, HDMI Boosters and so on) that are designed to extend the distance issue and some of them even work! ...and many don't...

So, if you're one of those "do it yourselfers" this is great information to have! However, if you'd like to come home, sit down in front of a beautifully installed HDTV on your wall, with everything automated on one simple remote, professionally installed surround sound system, you know, the one that when a helicopter flies over in a movie and you feel the need to duck, call HDTV-Install.com. Usually we can sell you an installed system for the same or less money than what it will cost you to "do it yourself".